Achungo Gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah or Birthdays

Please let us know if you’d like us to send a Thank You card to a third party to indicate that the donation is a Christmas, Hanukkah, or birthday gift.

If so, please email us with the name and address of the recipient.

If you need to add any instructions or a specific designation for your donation, please email us. Our address is at the bottom of this page.

Here are some specific ways to help:
  • $65 provides lunch for 1 day for all the students and staff at the Rodi primary
  • $85 funds 1 of our 32 teachers for 1 month
  • $100 pays for all 3 meals for 1 day for all our students and staff at one of our schools
  • $100 covers the tuition and expenses for 1 high schooler for 1 month
  • $1,000 buys 1 set of uniforms for every student (they need 2 per year)
  • $1,200 covers all the tuition and expenses for 1 high schooler for an entire year
  • $5,000 underwrites half the cost of an entirely new classroom for our new school