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Our Graduates in High School

Below are links to our graduates from Achungo Children's Center who completed 8th grade and successfully passed their KCPE and entered secondary schools (high schools).   Our purpose is to find sponsors to provide them with scholarship funds so that they can complete higher education as a major stepping stone toward successful lives.  We believe this is the most important factor in breaking the age-old cycle of poverty in this extremely poor region of the world.

The KCPE  (Kenya Certification of Primary Education) exam qualifies an 8th grade student to enter secondary school (4 year high school) and determines the level of school they can apply to.  Kenya's national passing rate is less than 50% but so far every student from Achungo who has taken the exam has passed it.  This has given us a dramatic reputation as a high quality school so that high school administrators and county heads of education have visited to understand why we are so successful.

Here are the pictures and stories of the Class of 2021
(candidates who graduated Achungo in 2017):   Class of 2021


Here are the pictures and stories of the Class of 2020
(candidates who graduated Achungo in 2016):   Class of 2020


Here are the pictures and stories of the Class of 2019
(candidates who graduated Achungo in 2015):   Class of 2019


Here are pictures and stories of the Class of 2018
(candidates who graduated Achungo in 2014):   Class of 2018